Thermal imaging specialists for Fire Prevention and Security applications

Focus provide advanced fire prevention and security systems using the latest and most viable thermal imaging solutions – from a single camera to a fully designed bespoke system.

  • Full system specification, design and build
  • Choice of cameras and software
  • Proven track-record of successful projects throughout the U.K. and worldwide
  • In-depth knowledge of Fire Prevention and Security applications
  • Our own bespoke equipment including specialist cameras, enclosures, mounts and more

Thermal imaging offers major advantages over more traditional methods; for fire prevention it monitors heat ranges so that potential fires are identified well before any risk; it operates remotely and can raise an alarm when a temperature threshold is reached. For security applications, it operates 24/7 even poor visibility and can be used remotely and in covert situations.

With our own in-house design and development team, Focus are well placed to advise on the most viable technology and systems to meet your applications within Fire Prevention and/or Security requirements.

In addition, we can also provide camera hire for evaluation purposes, hire for project use, plus full training and support services. We also offer specialist thermal surveys.

The UK’s Leading Provider of Thermal Imaging Based Fire Prevention Systems

Why wait to detect a fire when you can prevent it.

Detect critical elements in the lead up to a fire before any fire has occurred. This means that a problem can be highlighted even BEFORE there is smoke.

Our Thermal Experts will work with your team as a consultant on your projects to ensure that your client gets the solution they require.


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