COX have developed a thermal night vision vehicle camera for detecting humans, animals or objects on the road at night.

They have supplied these night vision vehicle cameras to motors companies in cooperation with the LG group, who have developed the tracking software. The advantage of using this camera in a vehicle enables the user to detect humans or animals in the dark. Under normal circumstances these would remain unseen until it was too late to act safely.

Driving at night can be more hazardous as visibility is reduced. Night vision vehicle cameras can highlight potential hidden dangers, giving more time to react to situations that would normally not be within your control.

The processing algorithm of the thermal camera is prepared in such a way, that the tracking software for detecting anything with a certain body temperature has a very high probability.

COX have developed the Thermal Imager with QVGA Gen2 and VGA Gen2 thermal detectors from ULIS in France. And in partnered with another Company to develop the ECU tracking software.

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Night Vision Vehicle Cameras in Action

Our Night Vision Vehicle Cameras

CF320 Fever Scan Thermal Camera for Febrile Screening

CN300T Automotive Camera

The CN300T is made for detecting humans, animals or objects on the road at night.

It was released in partnership with a tracking software company for vehicle night vision.

It is suitable for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Package Includes

  • Thermal imager

  • ECU with built-in tracking software

  • LVDS cable between night vision vehicle camera and ECU

  • Video cable (HDMI or Composite)

  • Power cable (cigar jack)

  • Athermalised lens for night vision in vehicles

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