CG320-IP and CG640-IP

Radiometric Thermal Network Cameras


  • A new Concept of thermal network camera that transmits video data and temperature data simultaneously.


  • Alarm management software similar to VMS in CCTV.


  • Visual and thermal cameras can connect to the alarm management software.


CG320-IP CG640-IP
  • The CG320-IP CG640-IP are a new concept of thermal network cameras that transmit video data and temperature data simultaneously.
  • CG320-IP CG640-IP thermal network cameras are radiometric thermal network cameras. They have the same thermal camera cores as the CG320 and CG640. Therefore the CG320-IP and CG640-IP have two different measurement ranges,  normal temperature detection mode up to 120℃ and high temperature detection mode up to 650℃.
  • The alarm management software is similar to the VMS used in the CCTV field. The user can connect both CCTV network cameras (visual) and the COX thermal network cameras up to several hundred, over an IP network.
  • In case a user wishes to integrate lots of cameras that are installed at different sites (location) over an IP network, customers can monitor and manage all videos from all sites in the remote client. Each site can monitor and manage its videos from each site in the local monitoring client, over the IP network.
  • Temperature data of the CG320-IP or CG640-IP thermal network cameras transmit over IP network in addition to video data is not pixel by pixel data, but user can set up to 10 rectangular shape ROIs, and the user can set temperatures in min., max., or average.
  • If the temperature of any section or group of sections exceeds the set temperature, corresponding camera sends alarm data in addition to compressed video data to the alarm management software. The alarm management software starts to record for a set period of time (alarm recording) and a pop up of the corresponding channel to show an image bigger in size with detailed data including section number and temperature in the section where the actual temperature exceeded its set temperature.
  • The CG320-IP and CG640-IP thermal network cameras are very suitable for projects dealing with fire detection/prevention (wild fire, waste management, paper management, coal storage yard, sugar cane yard, yacht basin, and many others), preventive maintenance, and intrusion detection in wide areas.


  • Configuration of the system integrating multiple sites over IP network is as follows.





Radiometric Thermal Network Camera



Radiometric Thermal Network Camera