A thermal Camera can detect:

  • A burning match head at distances up to 100m

  • A burning bale of straw at a distance up to 1km

  • Ash from a cigarette at 50m

  • Small rises in temperature long before a fire has erupted

The system is used for EARLY WARNING, so that suitable action can be taken early – FIRE PREVENTION.

Most large-scale industrial and power generation processes have an inherent risk – the build-up of unwanted heat that can cause fire as well as contributing to increased operating costs and reduced efficiencies. Thermal imaging systems provide the best way of measuring changes in heat and therefore preventing fire risk.

Not only is this important for the safety of the plant and operators, but is more frequently becoming an insurance requirement.

Our systems are approved and recommend by insurers.

Fire Prevention is Key

Nobody wants a fire to start even a small one. The site shut down and clean up still costs money. If the fire brigade are called to attend site, in some instances that too can cost your business money.

The phrase “There is no smoke without fire” rings true here, if you have smoke – you already have a fire!

Systems that detect on smoke are waiting for a fire to start before initiating any warning.

Thermal Cameras do not have to wait for smoke to appear. They will monitor a given area for hot spots. Clever colour pallets help the operators to identity areas that are “hotting up”.

When a hot spot reaches a designated limit, it can sound an alarm, if no action is taken the system can scale up, at the next alarm it can trigger water cannons or sprinklers to dampen down the problem area. All of this is programmable to suit your business and its needs on site.

Keep your site running with a Fire Prevention system that has proven for many years that it works. Energy from waste sites, metal shredding sites and paper mills to name a few

Key Points

  • Raise an alarm when a temperature threshold is passed – preventing fires before they happen

  • Can operate remotely – no need for probes or sensors

  • Able to detect and clearly visualize nascent hot spots through smoke and dust

  • Pre-set parameters can provide an alert well before the fire risk escalates into a fire – unlike fire detectors.

  • Can measure and indicate temperature.

  • Output data can show trends over time and can be considered against other factors to prevent future problems, or to plan preventive maintenance

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