Fire Prevention Cameras

With our thermal detecting Fire Prevention Scanners, you can detect the early warning signs of a fire. Using radiometric thermal imaging technology, these cameras raise the alarm when detecting developing high temperature hot spots that occur before the outbreak of smoke or fire.

This is particularly useful in situations where large quantities of combustible material is stored.

These cameras provide a 24 hour thermal surveillance capability and can be integrated to trigger automatic fire suppression systems such as water cannons or sprinklers.

Where You’ll Find Our Fire Prevention Scanners

  • Warehouse Storage

  • Wood Pellet Storage

  • Waste To Energy Plants

  • Waste Recycling Storage Centres

  • Dry Storage Facilities

  • Power Stations

  • Incineration Plants

  • Biomass Facilities

And many, many more.

Features & Benefits

How They Work

Thermal imaging cameras work by detecting the thermal radiation (temperature) emitted by all objects above absolute zero. Invisible to the human eye, this radiation is converted by the PC thermal imaging analyser software into a colour coded video image. Detecting these subtle temperature changes and differences between animals and objects allows a comprehensive image to be displayed on the screen.

Fire prevention cameras work in the same way, but are calibrated to fine tune and pin-point detection of much higher temperatures, which is known to be a precursor to combustion. Where normal fire alarms are triggered at the detection of smoke, fire prevention cameras detect a hot spot well before the material starts to burn.

In addition, these cameras can be integrated with fire suppression systems such as water cannons or sprinklers allowing companies to completely automate the fire response, whilst concentrating on safely evacuating the premises.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, the cameras thermal imaging surveillance can become paramount in enabling visibility of the area to assist in fire fighting, even in the presence of vast quantities of smoke.

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