• The All-in-One Fever Screening Camera is a complete fever screening kit that includes PC, Monitor, Stand, Blackbody and other accessories that can be easily installed at the site and can be used without any setup in the PC program The optional blackbody increases the overall accuracy of the temperature reading.
  • The Fire Guardian ‘hot spot’ fire detection system is designed to provide thermal surveillance in environments where there is the ever present risk of fire.
    • COX Radiometric thermal camera
    • 384 x 288 pixels (total of 110,592 pixels)
    • Reliable and robust, sealed to IP66
    • -40°C to + 50°C operating temperature
    • Choice of lens (4.8-100mm) f1.0 or better
    • 30Hz radiometric frame rate as standard
    • Pan & Tilt or static options available
    • Designed for use in harsh environments
    • Air Knife fitted to keep the thermal window clean
  • COX CX1000 thermal security camera
    COX released CX1000 which is with XGA Gen2 thermal sensor, 1024 x 768 pixels 17µm pixels pitch.
    • Latest version of thermal sensor from ULIS, France (XGA Gen2)
    • High resolution - 1024 x768
    • Very high level of image quality
    • Highest resolution available of a thermal camera for security applications
    • CX1000-IP transmits video data over IP network
  • CG320 manual lens side view
    The CG320 (384×288 resolution) and the CG640 (640×480 resolution) models have two different outputs. CVBS analogue video data from a BNC port and temperature raw data of each pixel from the Ethernet port. All of the CG series thermography models are supplied with PC software.
    • Excellent image quality
    • Stable operation in lower and higher temperatures
    • Excellent measurement accuracy
    • Supports Giga Ethernet
    • Camera automatically controls zoom and focus
  • Cox CG320-IP radiometric camera
    The CG320-IP and CG640-IP are thermal network cameras transmitting video data and temperature data simultaneously. The cores of these thermal network cameras are exactly the same as the CG320 and CG640.
    • Visual and thermal cameras can connect to the alarm management software
    • High temperature detection mode measures up to 650℃
    • Monitor and manage all videos from all sites in the remote client
    • Comes with free alarm management software (VuRix VMS)
  • Cox CG300/CG600 thermal security camera
    The CG300 and CG600 can be supplied with a variety of lenses from 4.8mm to 250mm focal length.
    • Uses latest version of ULIS sensor
    • NETD is good and it's shutter-less compatible
    • Compact design
    • Control of lens done by camera itself
    • Manual or motorised focus
  • Cox CG300-IP thermal security camera
    The new CG300-IP CG600-IP are radiometric thermal network cameras. They can transmit compressed video data and temperature data (temperature alarm data) simultaneously via an IP network. 
    • Thermal network cameras fully based on CG300 and CG600 thermal cameras
    • Suitable for 24 hour surveillance over IP network
    • Compact design
    • Latest version of ULIS sensor NETD is very good and it is shutter-less compatible
    • Lenses from 4.8mm to 250mm focal length


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