Security Cameras

  • The new CG300-IP CG600-IP are radiometric thermal network cameras. They can transmit compressed video data and temperature data (temperature alarm data) simultaneously via an IP network. 
    • Thermal network cameras fully based on CG300 and CG600 thermal cameras
    • Suitable for 24 hour surveillance over IP network
    • Compact design
    • Latest version of ULIS sensor NETD is very good and it is shutter-less compatible
    • Lenses from 4.8mm to 250mm focal length
  • The CG300 and CG600 can be supplied with a variety of lenses from 4.8mm to 250mm focal length.
    • Uses latest version of ULIS sensor
    • NETD is good and it's shutter-less compatible
    • Compact design
    • Control of lens done by camera itself
    • Manual or motorised focus
  • COX released CZ1000 which is with XGA Gen2 thermal sensor, 1024 x 768 pixels 12µm pixels pitch.
    • Latest version of thermal sensor from ULIS, France (XGA Gen2)
    • High resolution - 1024 x768
    • Very high level of image quality
    • Highest resolution available of a thermal camera for security applications
    • CZ1000-IP transmits video data over IP network


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