CF320 Fever Scanner (Thermal & Optical Cameras)

£3,850.00 exc. VAT

Package comes with:

  • Thermal Camera
  • Optical Camera
  • Fever Screening Manager
  • Blackbody BB40

The Blackbody BB40 is designed for use with the CF320 Fever Scanner and increases the overall accuracy of the temperature reading.


The CF320 Fever Scan for elevated facial temperature detection / febrile screening is designed to provide thermal temperature monitoring of a persons face in environments where individuals may present with fever symptoms.

COX has been developing and distributing uncooled thermal cameras since 2010.

In that time COX has accumulated very practical technologies and know-how for fever screening by installing a great number of CG320 fever screening thermal cameras in all elementary, middle and high schools in Seoul, and several other cities in Korea, during the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

The CF320 Fever Scan, utilises state-of-the-art thermal cameras from COX that are sensitive to infrared energy, temperature changes of <0.05°C can be detected, thus enabling early warning of elevated temperatures of a person.

Provides alarm outputs on exceeding pre-set temperature and incorporates a 2.1MP optical camera with face recognition to link to thermal image.

The CF320 fever scan includes many unique design feature that ensure optimum performance under service conditions.

The most accurate febrile thermal scanning system currently on the market.

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System Specifications

Operation Operation Temperature (visible & thermal camera) -10℃ ~ 50℃


Sensor Micro-bolometer Uncooled focal plane array
Resolution CF320: 384 x 288, CF640: 640 x 480
Pixel pitch 17μm
Response wavelength 8μm to 14μm
Thermal sensitivity 50mK@f1.0, 30Hz, 300K
Lens Lens type Athermalized lens
Focal length 8.13mm f1.16 or 15mm f1.0
HFOV/VFOV 47.4°/35.1 or 24.5°/18.5°
Min. focus distance 0.5m


Sensor Image sensor 1/3” ProgressiveC MOS( Approx.2 .1 mega)
Scanning System 16:9 Progressive
Effective Pixel 1920(H) x 1080(V)
Min. Illumination 0.2Lux (Day), 0.1Lux (Night)
Horizontal Resolution 1000TVL
Lens Optic 4mm 70° HFOV
Function Back Light Comp. WDR/BLC
Exposure Auto / Manual
White Balance Auto(3,000°K~8,000/°M K)a nua l
Day & Night System AGC / TDN(ICR)
Electronic Shutter 1/1 ~ 1/30000
Functions Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, 3DNR, Flicker-less, Sharpness, Gamma, Digital-Zoom
Video Output Interface USB3.0 Super Speed
Format USB3.0 UVC compliant YUV 422 16bits, uncompressed video
Resolution and Frame Rate 1920x1080p@50/60/25/30
Control Interface USB UVC camera control by computer


Blackbody Fixed temperature set at the factory 40℃
Effective radiant surface Ф55
Temperature resolution 0.01
Temperature stability +/-0.1℃
Temperature +/-0.1℃
Emissivity 0.97
Temperature sensor NTC 0.1%
Power supply AV to 12VDC adaptor 25W
Weight 330g
Dimension 72(H)mm x 72(W)mm x 49(D)mm
Operation Temperature -10℃ ~ 40℃ under 80% humidity

Choosing the Right Package For You

CF320 Fever Scanner
Thermal Camera
Optical Camera
Blackbody Increases the overall accuracy of the temperature reading
Monitoring System Fever Screening Manager – Thermal & Visible Cameras

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