All of the CG Series radiometric camera models have the latest version of thermal detectors from ULIS. They are QVGA Gen2 detectors and VGA Gen2 detectors, respectively.

These detectors have better NETD than the former detectors in the CX series models, The NUC is operated several times a day, which is good enough because they are shutter-less compatible. Even though the NUC is executed every 5 minutes or 1 minute, the image quality is much better than former CX series models.

By increasing the processing capacity, the CG series radiometric cameras have more detailed features in the alarm setting and ROI settings. The CG series radiometric cameras are fully controlled by the thermal imaging analyser on the PC.

The Software Developers Kit (SDK) for the thermal imaging analyser, works in Windows and is developed in C++ language. It is provided for customers who want to develop their own versions of the thermal imaging analyser.

Radiometric Camera Applications

  • Fire detection & prevention

  • Wild fire management

  • Waste management

  • Preventative maintenance in industrial plants

  • Intrusion detection

  • Animal detection

And many, many more.

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