The CG320 (384×288 resolution) and the CG640 (640×480 resolution) models have two different outputs. CVBS analogue video data from a BNC port and temperature raw data of each pixel from the Ethernet port.

All of the CG series thermography models are supplied with PC software.

For easy analysis with temperature raw data from the thermal camera via the Ethernet.


  • Adopted latest version of ULIS thermal detectors which has better NETD than the former CX series

  • Better Image Quality

  • More stable operation in lower and higher temperatures

  • Better measurement accuracy

  • Supports Giga Ethernet

  • Added functions in Alarm setting and ROI settings

  • Compact design

  • Control of the lens for focus and zoom is done by the camera

PC Software for CG Series Radiometric Cameras

Thermal Imaging Analyser

The thermal imaging analyser on the PC receives temperature raw data of all pixels via the Ethernet. It analyses temperature data in various ways as the user requires. The user can set the ROI (Region of Interest) in different patterns to analyse just in the ROI or to exclude specific area in the scene. The thermal imaging analyser creates an alarm signal and play wave file or the frame of the image is glittering as set. There are two alarm relay-outs available from the camera in addition to the alarms on the PC, when the alarm conditions are met.

The Multi-connection thermal imaging analyser that allows the user to connect multi-cameras simultaneously, will be released early 2017. COX provides its customers who develop their own thermal imaging analyser with a SDK  sample program, working in Windows, prepared in C++ program language with technical support.

Thermal Report

Using the thermal report program, the user can load radiometric jpeg files generated by the thermal imaging analyser.

Add descriptions to each file, making a thermal report quickly and effortlessly.

COX provides users who want to develop their own thermal imaging analyser with a SDK and a sample program developed in C++ language.

Camera Controller

With the camera controller, the user has access to the camera via the Ethernet, to change different settings.

Alarm Management Software

The alarm management software then starts to record for set period of time (alarm recording). It will pop up the corresponding channel to show an image in bigger size with the ROI showing with a different frame colour where the measured temperature exceeds the set temperature. At the same time, as the measured temperature exceeded the set temperature, it is displayed at the location in the ROI. In addition to the alarm signal and related activities in the alarm management software on the PC, the corresponding camera can also issue an alarm signal, and the user must then take action when the alarm signal is issued, for example, a warning lamp flashing with a certain alarm sound.

Regions of Interest (ROI)

Setting max., min., or average temperatures in each ROI, is done in the temperature setting window in the web viewer of CG320-IP or CG640-IP, while the user can see the image as following picture. After entering the settings of the temperatures in each ROI, the user transmits the setting value to the corresponding camera. To make the camera ready to issue a temperature alarm when the measured temperature in the specific ROI exceeds its set value.

Size and number of ROIs user can be set in the web viewer for the CG320-IP or CG640-IP:
1) Total number of rectangular shape of ROIs is 10
2) No limitation in the size of rectangular ROIs

CG320-IP and CG640-IP thermal network cameras are very suitable for the following applications:
1) Fire prevention (detection) covering wide areas (wild fire, waste management, sugar cane waste, other)
2) Preventative maintenance in industrial plants
3) Intrusion detection (human, animal) in wide areas
4) Fire and intrusion detection in yacht basin. Alarm management software has the same structure of VMS which is very popular in the CCTV field. The alarm management software is fully based on VuRix which is developed by Innodep Inc. who is well-known in Korea and East Asian market and competing with Genetec or Milestone in the world market.

As show in the above configuration, the customer can use a mix of CCTV network cameras and CG320-IP/CG640-IP thermal network cameras, as many as required in the project. VuRix VMS is in operation in many sites in Korea with up to several thousands of network cameras.

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