COX Camera Company work hard continually improving their products. 2016 saw the end of the CX Series as it was phased out ready for the introduction of a new generation of affordable thermal imaging products, the CG Series.

The CG Series, brings with it all round improvements with the latest detectors from ULIS, and the option of IP capability. If you are looking to upgrade your existing CX Series camera or buy a new COX Camera please click here.

COX Progress

Since establishment in 2010, COX have devoted all of their resources in to developing a reliable thermal imaging camera for the world market.

COX released their first unit with QVGA (384×288 pixels) models in 2012, VGA (640×480 pixels) models in 2014, and XGA (1024×768 pixels) models in 2016.

The COX product mix is security application cameras and thermography (radiometric) thermal cameras with QVGA, VGA, and XGA resolution.

In September 2016, COX released the new CG series models with the latest version of thermal detectors from ULIS in France, the QVGA Gen2, VGA Gen2, and the XGA Gen2.

Compared to the former thermal detectors from ULIS, they are a better NETD thermal detector and provide an improved image quality and performance.

COX CX series thermal cameras

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