A wide choice to meet all requirements

COX supply their thermal cameras with a variety of lenses to meet customers requirements.

COX keep a quantity of  8mm to 75mm in focal length in stock for quick delivery.

  • Focal length from 4.8mm to 250mm
  • Manual focus or motorised focus
  • Continuous zoom lens
  • Athermalised lens (focus remain unchanged in long use in frequent ambient temperature changes)
  • Macro-lens for measuring very small parts under 1mm
  • 2 FOV lens
  • Germanium window
  • AR or DLC coating as per request
Lenses for thermal security camera applications

FOV of COX thermal cameras

COX thermal cameras are supplied with different kinds of lenses to meet requirements. Focal lengths from 4.8mm to 250mm is available. With a manual or motorised lens.

A various continuous zoom lens, a 2FOV lens, and athermalised lenses are also available.

COX thermography cameras with a macro-lens to measure temperature of very small parts. For example pins of chips on PCB’s in SMT line are also available.

Field of View (FOV) Athermalised lenses

COX thermal cameras are also supplied with different FOV athermalised lenses. The great advantage of an athermalised lens is the focus remain unchanged in big temperature changes during the day. In cases where the camera and lens is integrated into a certain hardware system. Adjusting the focus even with the motorised focus system is inconvenient in operation,  an athermalised lens would be a good solution.

The athermalised lens is also widely adopted in security and surveillance application. Adjusting focus is not necessary and the depth of field is very deep compared to a normal germanium lens.

The following table shows FOV of COX thermal cameras, security application and radiometric application cameras, with different focal lengths for the athermalised lens.

Field of view table for cox cg series with athermalised lens

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