The new CG300-IP CG600-IP are radiometric thermal network cameras. They can transmit compressed video data and temperature data (temperature alarm data) simultaneously via an IP network. 

Many CCTV projects require now thermal cameras for 24 hours surveillance. The CG series can plug and play in to any existing system.

COX supply alarm management software which has the same structure as VMS as in the CCTV field. For sites that adopt the new COX CG series Thermal Network Cameras for their projects,  it will save time and money if they need to integrate several systems on different sites via the Internet.

The software can monitor and manage videos from all sites effectively from local sites in the remote monitoring client, while each site can also monitor and manage videos in the local monitoring client.

Although the resolution of the thermal detector is still under HD level image quality. It has still improved considerably, while still keeping the prices low and competitive.


  • Thermal network cameras fully based on CG300 and CG600 thermal cameras

  • Suitable for 24 hour surveillance over IP network

  • Compact design

  • Latest version of ULIS sensor

  • NETD is very good and it is shutter-less  compatible

  • Lenses from 4.8mm to 250mm focal length

  • Manual or motorised focus

  • Continous zoom lenses

  • 2 FOC lenses

  • Athermalised lenses

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