COX released CX1000 which is with XGA Gen2 thermal sensor, 1024 x 768 pixels 17µm pixels pitch.

It is another latest version of thermal sensor from ULIS, in addition to QVGA Gen2 and VGA Gen2, and COX completed new thermal cameras products mix with Gen2 series thermal sensors from ULIS.

CX1000 is security application thermal camera which has the same interface as CG300 and CG600, and CX1000-IP is thermal network camera based on CX1000.

CX1000-IP transmite video data ony, and does not transmit temperature data or temperature alarm data as CG320-IP or CG640-IP thermal network cameras.

Both CX1000 and CX1000-IP are very suitable to observe wide area with very high image quality.


  • Latest version of thermal sensor from ULIS, France (XGA Gen2)

  • High resolution 1024 x 768

  • Wide angle suitable for wide areas

  • Very high level of image quality

  • Highest resolution for security applications of a thermal camera and thermal network camera available on the market

  • CX1000-IP transmits video data over IP network

  • Number of pixels on the same object in the same image is the same as VGA (640×480 pixels) camera, but with a wider field of view

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