Our thermal cameras for febrile screening can reliably detect the body temperatures of continuous moving human traffic from the safety of a remotely positioned touch screen monitor.

You can safely identify those individuals with a raised body temperature, even when wearing a mask. This is useful for removal and isolation to reduce the risk of spreading disease, allowing large groups of people to meet or work together safely.

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Where You’ll Find Our Thermal Cameras for Febrile Screening

  • Airports

  • Hospitals

  • Government Buildings

  • Offices

  • Military Bases

  • Factories

  • Stadiums

  • Concert Halls

  • Nursing Homes

  • Construction Sites

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Business Premises

And many, many more.

Features & Benefits

Thermal Cameras – How They Work

Thermal Cameras designed for febrile screening use powerful infrared sensors that can detect the temperatures of any object or animal, with a temperature above absolute zero (-273.15°C). That is pretty much everything you could think of.

  • As individuals move pass the thermal camera, the sensors measure the infrared emitted from the skin on the face, even with a face mask.
  • Then, the detected temperature is displayed clearly on the monitor.
  • In the event of a raised body temperature being detected, the system raises the alarm allowing further action to be taken.
  • These highly accurate sensors are continuously self calibrated using a black temperature box, mounted in front of the sensor that emits a constant temperature of 40°C.
  • If for some reason the black box cannot be detected, the camera system will alert the operator in order to ensure the cameras remain working accurately.

Case Studies

Stansted Airport

Focus 2K thermal cameras designed for febrile screening have already been trialed at Stansted Airport.

As you can see in the video, our cameras are able to accurately monitor the temperature of moving people.

This makes the process non-intrusive and allows the operator to work from a safe distance.

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